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  • John Hughes
    Sales Manager
    631-337-1100 Ext 400

    John Hughes

    Sales Manager

    John is our Lincoln Professional. John has been selling Lincolns in our community for the last 30 years. John handles the desking of new and pre-owned vehicles and does all the ordering of all our Lincoln products.

    John is a no nonsense guy who believes in taking care of his customers now and after the sale.

    John who is happily married to his lovely wife Sue for the last 30 years. John has 1 Son and 1 Daughter.

    John enjoys Football, Baseball, Golf and fine dinning

    We are sure you know John from the past, come in and say hello when you are in the area, he would love to see you.

  • Michael Governara
    Sales Manager
    631-337-1100 Ext 431

    Michael Governara

    Sales Manager

    Michael is our seasoned Sales Manager. He was transferred to Lincoln Of Smithtown January 2017 from Ford Of Smithown which is directly across the street from Lincoln Of Smithtown. Michael has been with our organization since 2004. Michael handles the desking of new and used car deals, dealer swaps and employee training. Michael also handles all social media including Facebook and looks forward to reading all of your positive comments about your experience with Lincoln Of Smithown.

    Michael enjoys traveling to exotic Caribbean locations with his wife Regina of 35 years and especially enjoys trying new foods from different cultures. In his spare time Michael enjoys playing golf and salsa dancing with his wife. Michael founded Suffolk County Hockey Leagues which he ran for 18 years.

    Michael is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

    Please stop by and say hello to Michael when you are in St James.

  • Larry Simner
    Sales Consultant
    631-337-1100 Ext 401

    Lawrence Simmer AKA Larry has been with Lincoln Of Smithtown since September of 2017. Larry was on the Commodity Exchange for over 20 years where he started out as a runner to owning his own independent trading firm which employed 25 employees. Larry also owned a Process Serving Firm for over 10 years.

    Larry resides in Hauppauge with his lovely wife Stacey to whom he has been married to for 28 years. Larry has two daughters Arielle and Jordyn.

    Larry enjoys bowling and golf as well as football, baseball and everything else having to do with completive play.

    Larry has been a people person most of his life so he understands people's needs as well as their wants.

  • Anthony Ferruzzi
    Sales Consultant
    631-337-1100 Ext 404

    Anthony Ferruzzi is one our Lincoln Sales Consultants who focuses on new and certified pre-owned vehicles.Anthony is a United States Army Veteran who served in Bien Hoa, Vietnam in the 3rd Surgical Hospital Field Unit.Anthony opened a Disco Night Club in Melville in the mid 70's. Was a Compliance Officer, Stock Broker and Partner of Investors Center a small brokerage firm from the 80's to 90's. Anthony got into the auto business in 1993 when he went to work at our Ford Store in Patchogue. Anthony joined Lincoln Of Smithtown May of 2017.Anthony is widowed with 3 sons, 1 daughter and 8 grandchildren.

    Anthony loves to play golf and enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Marc Birthwright
    Sales Consultant