Ways to Combat Motion Sickness

While traveling, you could experience motion sickness at any time, even if you've never experienced it before. Fresh air can sometimes help relieve the symptoms that you experience, especially if you feel sick due to odors in the car.

Keep crackers in your car that you can snack on as these can settle your stomach while traveling in Saint James, NY. You can also drink carbonated beverages, such as ginger ale. Try to focus on an activity in the car that can take your mind off of the road. Lincoln of Smithtown can show you how to operate various types of entertainment on your navigation screen including music and messages in order to keep you busy.

Apply pressure to the pressure points on your temples or on your wrists for short-term relief. Some types of essential oils can be used in your car to relieve symptoms of nausea. These include peppermint and lavender. A diffuser can be kept in your car so that you can smell these scents when needed.

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