How to Protect Your Vehicle from Road Salt This Winter

Here at Lincoln of Smithtown, we understand that all of our readers want to be as informed as possible when it comes to protecting their vehicle. Road salt is one way that vehicles can become incredibly damaged come winter, but this problem isn't often understood by vehicle-owners. Here are a few tips that can help prevent damage from road salt.

Avoid Driving Through Deep Snow

Driving through deep snow can pack that snow into your vehicle's undercarriage. You might think this might just melt away, but the truth is that that snow often contains corrosive road salt, which can eat away at your vehicle's undercarriage and cause massive damage.

Wash Your Car Every Ten Days

You might think of wintertime as the season where you don't need to wash your car - however, washing your car is the number one way to prevent road salt from ruining your undercarriage.

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