How Temperature Extremes Affect Your Battery

While most people associate winter weather with a dead battery, batteries are just as likely to fail in the height of summer. Both extremes affect your battery in different ways, and both can cause it to underperform.

If your battery is new, a drop of 20% efficiency in cold weather isn't enough to adversely affect it. An aging battery will fail under the same circumstances, unable to hold a charge powerful enough to help your engine turn over. Having your battery serviced in the fall will help to withstand the extremes of winter.

In the summer, the heat supercharges your battery, causing it to work harder than it needs to and thus shortening its lifespan. High temperatures can also cause the fluid in your battery to evaporate, requiring you to top it up with distilled water if it gets too low. Visit Lincoln of Smithtown in Saint James, NY to have your battery serviced for the season ahead.

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