When Should You Get Your Tires Rotated?

Not only are tire rotations advantageous for the longevity of your tires, but they’re also so important that performing them can even be a stipulation of your vehicle’s warranty. For guidance on when rotations should be performed, your owner’s manual lists a favored recommendation, as well as suggesting the proper kind of tires for your vehicle.

Ideally, you should rotate your tires every time you get your oil changed. The pattern of wear differs due to the tire’s position, such as the front left tire receiving more use due to leading in left turns. Rotating tire positions keeps drivers from having to replace them early due to uneven wear patterns. You can perform rotations yourself if you’re handy, following the owner’s manual guideline of tire positioning.

For tire rotations or replacements, visit our tire specialists, who can also check your tire pressure, fix a flat or perform any other service you require.

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