Have Fun on a Budget During Your Next Road Trip!

Budgeting may not sound like fun when you are planning a vacation, but we at Lincoln of Smithtown have some tips on how you can make it happen. A road trip can be a memorable experience for everyone involved, regardless of how much you spend on the trip.

If you want to save money on food and drinks, visit a local grocery store in Saint James, NY prior to your trip. Load your cooler and forgo stops at restaurants and quick snacks from the convenience stores. You can also save money on bags of ice by investing in a high-quality cooler or packing mostly foods that don't need to be kept cold.

Going where the locals go can help you find activities that cost less and give you the same amount of fun at your stops. Visit places that aren't in the touristy part of towns for places to stay and have conversations with the locals. Getting away from the high traffic areas can bring you into communities that embrace you and will give you great ideas for cheap lodging and activities.

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