The Advantages of a Clean Car

While some drivers can get away with only washing their cars once or twice a month, if you're like most people who live in an area with harsh temperature swings, industrial pollution, ocean spray, strong sunlight, bugs, birds, trees or rain, you'll be waging a constant battle to keep your vehicle's finish free of damage.

If you park under trees while at home or at work, the dual threat of bird droppings and tree sap can wreak havoc on your paint. Salted and sanded roads in the winter can begin the process of corrosion. Any of these influences can require weekly cleanings to avoid permanent damage to your paint job. If you can, keep your vehicle in a garage to avoid exposure as much as possible.

Washing your car regularly will improve your gas mileage by reducing aerodynamic drag, will allow you to set a higher asking price when selling your car and will also give you a sense of accomplishment whenever you look at it.

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