2 Tricks to Keep Dog Hair Off of Your Car's Upholstery

A lot of people love their dogs and enjoy taking them on rides in the car with them, but the fur that dogs leave behind can make a real mess of the interior of your car. At Lincoln of Smithtown in Saint James, NY, we've come up with a few tricks to keep the interior of your car free of pet hair.

Spray your upholstery with a combination of water and a little bit of fabric softener. The fabric softener helps to loosen pet hair that gets trapped in the fibers of your car. Then, all you need to do is let the seats dry and vacuum the interior of your car.

The other thing that you can do is invest in a car seat cover so that your dog has somewhere to ride. The cover will get a lot of fur on it, but you can throw it in the wash and clean it much more easily than you can a car seat.

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