Fuel System Service

Without a mechanism to move fuel from your car's tank to the engine, your car isn't going anywhere anytime soon. That is why everyone here at Lincoln of Smithtown of Saint James, NY want to be sure that you know all about the warning signs of a failing fuel system.

First, take note of the fuel pressure gauge. If there isn't enough pressure in the fuel system, the engine may not be getting enough fuel. Second, take notice if your engine appears to sputter when driving on the highway. This can mean the engine is only intermittently getting fuel which is bad for the car.

Do you think any part of your fuel system needs some attention or would you just like to know more about the way in which your car works? Then feel free to either dial us up to schedule an appointment or stop by to say hello at Lincoln of Smithtown located right here in Saint James, NY whenever you're ready!

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