How Does the Differential Work in Your Vehicle?

The differential works to transfer the power of the transmission to the drive shaft so the wheels turn. The case must keep the fluids covering the gears so that they do not grind and overheat.

The gears inside the differential are working hard to turn the wheels when you need to change direction. The fluids in the differential need to be of the highest quality because these gears are moving all the time. A burning smell from the differential should not be ignored.

The longer the gear oil remains unchanged, the faster it breaks down. Once the fluids are no longer protecting the internal parts, they may grind or stop working altogether, a costly repair if you don't listen for that sound and get it serviced fast.

If you suspect any issues with the differential in your vehicle, bring the car to our service center here at Lincoln of Smithtown so we can replace the fluids and inspect the gears.

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