Cleaning Your Wheels and Tires is all about the Details

A clean car looks far better than a dirty one. There is even an “illusion” that your car drives better immediately after being washed or when coming out of a car wash in Saint James! But, how often do you really concentrate on cleaning the wheels and tires?

Typically, drivers clean their wheels and tires with the same water used for their car, rinse them off, and then call it a day! However, you should never use the same water or the same cleaning products. You should wash your wheels and tires with a cleaning solution that is specifically manufactured for their compound elements. There are many products that clean, shine and protect - all in one process. The most important thing to do is to remove the dirt and debris for a long-lasting attractive appearance.

If you need information about the cleaning products to use, or any car repair needs, contact our service center here at Lincoln of Smithtown!

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