We at Lincoln of Smithtown love to give people tips about vehicle care and one of our biggest tips for exterior wear and tear is the use of a car cover. A car cover can offer you security against harsh weather, the heat of the sun, scratches, dings while it is parked and sometimes theft.

The sun can do a lot of damage to your car, especially if it isn't garaged. Covering it will allow the interior dash and seats to be protected from fading. The exterior will also be protected from paint fading. A cover can also help prevent a car from becoming too hot to drive in the summer months.

If your car is parked in a high traffic area or on the street, a car cover is a good way to keep grit and grime from the road and trees from sticking to the paint.

If you are in the Saint James area, stop by our service center and have your car serviced, while our friendly staff answers any questions you may have.

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